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Intelligent digitization of healthcare product and benefits management system

Alok Mandal,

Vice President,
DPA Practice Lead,
Healthcare and Life Sciences

Published: May 6, 2022
Intelligent Digitization of Healthcare Product and Benefits Management System  - Download White Paper

The recent pandemic pivoted the healthcare industry to undergo unprecedented changes such as, accelerated digitization of services, reshaping business models, and marching towards value-based care.

As providers transitioned to virtual healthcare delivery seemingly overnight, the payer landscape changed rapidly. It’s noteworthy that the changes mentioned above radically shifted consumer and employee needs, habits, and expectations. But while most of those in the industry adapted quickly, payers are not keeping up.

Technology is vital in helping payers shift to remote work environments and ensuring employees have the tools to conduct business while remaining connected with distributors and clients. A clear vision and action plan are required to maintain operational and financial resilience during the crisis and beyond. The easy way to embrace this change led the sector to witness mega-mergers and digital disruptions. However, shunning traditional processes to navigate a new strategic realm requires intelligent technology.

Key takeaway:

Find out how new-gen technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are promising to make the payer industry more agile to help them redefine their customer experience and revenue generation. But is the navigation to new-gen technology all this industry needs? Some gaps require fixing the basics first. This whitepaper will discuss how to bring all-payer stakeholders together while streamlining manual processes and disparate functions using technological levers.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Changing landscape of the payer industry
  • Addressing challenges throughout the product and benefits management lifecycle
  • Technology levers changing the payer landscape
  • Four areas where AI can help the healthcare payer industry

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