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DevOps evolution driven by platform engineering

Virtusa’s experience with Harness

Published: March 13, 2024
DevOps evolution driven by platform engineering
DevOps evolution driven by platform engineering

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, technology plays a vital role in driving value and outcomes. Enterprises are embracing microservices architecture, containerization, cloud-native development practices, and adopting DevOps to achieve higher efficiency, agility, and quality in their IT operations. With the market trending toward adopting platform engineering techniques, Virtusa has been engaged in a program focused on the migration from open-source DevOps tools to comprehensive DevOps platforms. One such migration was from Jenkins to Harness, leveraging an automated framework, called Framework Assisted Solution Template (FAST), which incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) solution. In this white paper, we emphasize the role of platform engineering in a DevOps transformation.

Platform engineering has emerged as a way to streamline development, deployment, and operations workflows, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced errors. It provides standardized tools, services, and infrastructure to automate tasks, enforce best practices, and facilitate collaboration among teams. Because each platform has distinct features, it is essential to select a platform that aligns with business objectives and that offers scalability, ease of use, integration, security, affordability, and community support.

The complexity of modern software ecosystems has driven the integration of platform engineering practices into DevOps workflows, leading to the emergence of the DevOps platform. This convergence entails leveraging integrated platforms to automate and standardize continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code (IaC), monitoring, and collaboration within DevOps workflows. By embracing the DevOps platform, organizations can provide a unified space for all stakeholders to communicate, collaborate, accelerate delivery, and adapt more effectively to evolving business needs.

Migrating to new DevOps tools or platforms poses unique challenges for every organization, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. At Virtusa, our extensive experience in multiple DevOps migrations enables us to work closely with clients, understanding their specific requirements and objectives. We help determine the migration strategy, operating model, and roadmap, guided by industry best practices and our partner ecosystem.

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