White paper

Cognitive clinical decision support systems (CDSS)

Stakeholders must get their act together for wider adoption

Vinaya Kumar Mylavarapu & Anirvan Acharya
Published: September 12, 2022
Cognitive clinical decision support systems (CDSS)

For providers, cognitive clinical decision support systems (CDSS) could be the friend they need as they battle staff shortages, physician burnout, the increasing complexity of diseases, and the pressure to improve outcomes and reduce care costs.

However, clinicians' lack of trust in these systems has hindered the adoption of advanced CDSS in hospital settings. With the FDA expected to publish its long-awaited final guidance around clinical decision support tools soon, CDSS manufacturers have their task cut out. They must work towards improving the safety and reliability of these systems and prepare for the new regulations.

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  • Key challenges hampering the growth of advanced CDSS tools.
  • How can manufacturers increase physician trust in advanced CDSS tools?
  • How can cognitive CDSS vendors prepare better for FDA regulations?

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