White paper

Business impact of artificial intelligence in the communications industry

Published: July 15, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the new poster child of the technology world, opens new possibilities for communication service providers (CSPs). Although many CSPs have invested in AI, only a few have been able to achieve successful implementations.

To maximize the ROI from AI implementations, CSPs must execute a holistic adoption strategy in line with enterprise-wide business goals. For instance, on the network side, AI and machine learning (ML) can be used effectively to prevent, predict, and remediate network outages. On the customer side, this technology can help predict customer lifetime value, mitigate churn, drive Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and positively impact customer satisfaction. AI and ML can be used to detect fraud and billing leakages, helping decision-makers address revenue losses, and ensure uninterrupted service for better customer experience.

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