What does IT expect from upcoming graduates?



Published: April 5, 2022

Technology is driving deep transformation in commerce, healthcare, drug discovery, communications, and others. At the center of all these transformations lies the power of building products and services that are innovative and driven with core capabilities in data, storage, compute, and modern tech architectures. Every industry is looking for bright engineers, data scientists, UX experts, and other vital positions that help shape the future of technology. The need is real, and anyone who aspires to become a leading technologist has the opportunity to become one.

Our panel shares a very clear understanding of what you need to be prepared for an exciting future, the analytical and basic engineering skills you need to acquire to be ready, and what launch and career paths we offer candidates.

  • Industry perspective and future trends in technology
  • The talent war and getting ready for the future opportunities
  • What  growth with an organization like us looks like
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