Modernize claims operations to improve patient and provider satisfaction



Published: February 4, 2022

Leading payer organizations are transforming their claims operations to optimize patient and provider experience and deliver excellent customer service, even when no one is watching. Why? Because healthcare payer operations are not only at the heart of patient and provider experience, but they are critical in organizations maintaining financial performance and compliance.

By taking a new approach to claims modernization, these organizations are experiencing dramatic ROI and creating the opportunity for further innovation.

Find out what it takes to:

  • Modernize workflows that can help reduce employee turnover
  • Significantly reduce the average touch time of a claims examiner
  • Reduce claims examiner training time by approximately 30%
  • Empower your business to respond to situations like provider contract changes in a way that controls their impact on claims and avoids unnecessary over-payments and adjustments
  • Transparently implement vendor recommendations to optimize spending on external partner programs and achieve payment integrity
  • Manage operations to meet client SLAs
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