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Technology transformation in the healthcare industry

Published: September 15, 2020

The global pandemic has changed the narrative on how organizations view digital innovation. The healthcare organizations, which were generally seen as laggards in adopting digital technology, are scurrying to accelerate innovation across the enterprise.

Watch Robert Ruocco, Vice president, Bluecross Blueshield Western New York comment on the current scenario and share their thoughts on the future, in this first ever Virtusa Tech Talk.

Highlights from the conversation:

Importance of technology transformation
Companies are developing innovations that they think is what customers want, instead of focusing on the actual needs of customers.

Personalization as the centerpiece of personal interactions
Payers should create a digital front door experience for customers, one that they were used to in the pre-COVID 19 era.

Data interoperability and telehealth
Payers should view the HL7 mandate as an opportunity to develop patient-focused products and services.

Companies that invested in telehealth prior to the pandemic are at an advantage, being able to serve their customers remotely.

The significance of cloud and AI
Companies are waking up to the the real benefits of cloud beyond TCO – consolidating data from different sources and building solutions at scale. By bringing together smart processes through AI and technology like the cloud, businesses will thrive.

Accelerating digital transformation through uncertainty
The global uncertainty has pushed the momentum towards adopting innovative solutions at scale. Robert and Vaibhav share three key lessons for the future:

  1. Drive higher digital engagement and get better aligned to customer expectations
  2. Upskill teams and outfit them to take on challenges of digital transformation
  3. Jumpstart digital transformation journey by partnering with a company that has the expertise in effecting such large-scale transformation programs
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