Innovation podcast: Design’s role in innovation programs

Published: May 14, 2020
Design's Role in Innovation Programs | Innovation Podcast

In this episode of Sparking Innovation, we talk with design luminary Clive Grinyer about the role that design plays within tech-enabled innovation programs.


Over his career, Clive has worked with Bill Moggridege, the father of UX, employed (Sir) Jony Ive and worked with cutting edge tech firms, such as Samsung and Cisco, wrestling with the wicked problem of getting tech-engineering and design to work harmoniously and create great products, great services (and profit).

Now leading the Service Design department at the RCA, Clive takes us through his design journey, the lessons that tech companies should learn about employing designers to get the best out of them and, interestingly, raises a question about whether tech companies will be able to attract the next generation of designers.

Please note that this podcast was recorded during Covid Lockdown and audio quality varies.

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