Customer analytics in retail banking

Best practices and pitfalls

An IDC and Virtusa joint video podcast: Episode 2

Published: November 1, 2022

Joined by MyState bank's Head of Data, this podcast explores some of the real opportunities, practices, and pitfalls that banks face as they evolve in their customer data and analytics journey. Virtusa and MyState bank have been closely associated since 2015, and Virtusa has been a part of various transformation initiatives at MyState such as:

  • Contact center transformation
  • New Payment modernization 
  • Digital automation and transformation 
  • Open banking regulatory requirements 

The podcast highlights the key experiences and challenges faced during their data transformation journey and how Virtusa and MyState partnered to overcome those criticalities.



Dr. Chris Marshall

Dr. Chris Marshall

Associate VP,
Big Data and Analytics,
IDC Asia-Pacific

Javeed Wahhab

Javeed Wahhab

VP- Technology and Chief Architect,

Scott Delaney

Scott Delaney

Head of data, 
MyState Bank

Highlights from the conversation: 

Hyper-personalization: Establishing hyper-personalization tools to drive engagement and growth and thereby build a great digital experience that is simple, intuitive, and natural and needs the integration of data and analytics.

Strategic partnership over a tactical relationship: Tactical partnership focuses on more short-term activities and tasks, but a strategic partnership requires more trust and commitment from both parties, yielding much greater results. 

Thought leadership, best practices, and expertise: The hallmark of a successful partnership to deliver value. At its core, it is about valuable contributions backed by a well-informed, researched value proposition that can help move the needle on important issues.


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