Enhancing patient data integration with AWS

Virtusa and InterSystems join forces to enhance patient data integration

Published: October 29, 2020

In the current United States healthcare system, information resides in hardened and isolated silos. This has resulted in a status quo where different system participants conduct transactions at an arm’s length, lacking the shared goals, understanding, and even vocabularies required to deliver consistent patient care and outcomes.

Core to moving away from siloed operations is data interoperability. Data interoperability ultimately empowers the healthcare system to move away from the outdated transaction model of fee-for-services and prescription volume to a common, value-based care model, where patient outcomes determine the ultimate success and accountability of all healthcare participants.

Standardized health IT interoperability and data sharing improve care quality and coordination, reduce costs, and liberate data that can be analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to illuminate problems and resolve existing deficiencies.

In this article, Virtusa outlines Virtusa’s vLife® solution and how it is part of an important trend in the move to advanced digital platform services. We discuss how vLife® works in the context of industry challenges and how Virtusa leveraged its partnership with Intersystems to enhance and build for native interoperability and data integration.

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