Engineering is more than a job, it’s a mindset

Published: June 27, 2023

Virtusa's commitment to fostering an engineering mindset across its organization, empowering employees through continuous learning, and delivering innovative solutions to customers.

At Virtusa, we’re all engineers first

At Virtusa, no matter what you do, you’re an engineer first. That doesn’t mean that everyone who works here has “engineer” in their job description or has an engineering degree. It means that engineering is a way of thinking that is ingrained everywhere. Whether you’re in finance, legal, sales, or talent development, putting Engineering First is about combining logic, curiosity, and creativity to solve problems and build solutions for customers and our people.

At a time when technology is advancing faster than ever, no challenge is as important as making sure our own people are at the bleeding edge of industry capabilities. Generative AI is just the latest example. These tools were barely on the radar six months ago but are quickly becoming essential to software development. Boundaries are also blurring between industries -- think of how retailers are providing healthcare services or how the boom in electric vehicles is driving car makers to reinvent themselves as tech platforms. To ensure we can help our customers navigate this constant change, we design training and development programs that go beyond legacy platforms to instill the hard and soft skills that empower our people to continually adapt and thrive. In short, we aim to cultivate a culture of problem solvers who passionate about technology and always one step ahead of the latest trends.

That’s why we created Virtusa Thrive Academy, a best-in-class training program with technical, domain, behavioral and leadership courses to help all employees grow, from the campus level to the C-suite. On the technical side, we partner with leading service providers to help Virtusans master cutting-edge technologies in areas such as cloud, data, AI, machine learning, augmented reality, blockchain, and more.

Virtusans are also famed for their deep industry knowledge, and our domain certifications help build that expertise in banking, healthcare, telecoms, and other verticals. Behavioral programs complement technology and domain learning with a wide range of professional skills such as advanced business communication. And because our vision is to develop the next generation of leaders from within, we offer a variety of leadership programs such as coaching and mentoring as well as initiatives aimed at supporting diversity in leadership.

Helping careers thrive

Virtusans own and direct their learning journeys, guided by recommendations from the Academy, partners, and managers. Moreover, knowing it can be challenging for employees to carve out time to learn when they are focused on customer needs, we empower them to double down on training between projects. It speaks volumes about the Virtusan mindset that 99% of our employees engaged with Virtusa Thrive Academy in our 2023 fiscal year. In fact, the average Virtusan clocked 74 hours of training in that period, a rise of more than 18% from a year earlier and nearly double the industry average of 40 hours. These numbers underscore the passion for learning at Virtusa and the pride our team members take in striving to improve.

Swapna Priya Gambhiroapet, a Tech Learning Partner in our Digital Assurance team, has experienced firsthand the impact of continual learning on her career growth during her 19 years with Virtusa. From her earliest days as an intern, she was given resources to enhance her skills and strive for new goals. Every milestone was accompanied by targeted training recommendations from managers and mentors, enabling her to constantly improve and take on more strategic roles. Recognizing the importance of effective communication and strong client-vendor relations, Swapna trained in crucial soft skills such as business etiquette, time management, and building assertiveness, which complemented the role-based technical trainings.

“Each learning opportunity I pursued or was assigned helped me evolve into a better version of myself, and I had the privilege of immediately applying my newfound knowledge. Virtusa understands the importance of aligning learning initiatives with industry trends and individual aspirations. By continually investing in our development, Virtusa has created a culture that fosters growth, encourages innovation, and enables individuals to thrive,” Swapna said.

What’s your EIQ?

Virtusa has another special ingredient that helps infuse the engineering mindset throughout our organization and an employee’s career, a unique talent framework called Engineering IQ (EIQ). EIQ baselines the core skills of every Virtusan and provides a scope of personalized learning. EIQ performance reports and scores, summarized in an intuitive dashboard, bring complete transparency around a team member’s strengths and skill gaps and help personalize their learning journey. In addition to technical skills, domain expertise and behavioral competencies are integrated into EIQ to provide an overall capability index for every team member. EIQ is a valuable tool to help accelerate career progression and ensure that we assemble an A-team for every customer, right from the start.

Virtusa Thrive Academy and EIQ deliver measurable impact for our employees – and our customers. One team working with a major financial institution was able to use Virtusa Thrive Academy to quickly upskill and deploy team members, putting the team ahead of competitors also working on the project and leading to faster adoption, improved reliability, and higher quality. EIQ also reduces client overhead by simplifying the project onboarding process.

A home for builders, makers, and doers

At Virtusa, Engineering First is a mindset that we use to reimagine our own business processes. Our sales, data science, commerce, finance, and other teams are constantly building a better future by rethinking the way we deliver work to our clients. At Virtusa, it doesn’t matter if you have a non-engineering academic background. What’s pivotal is the ability to adopt the engineering mindset to solve problems that others can’t and build the best solutions to help our customers.

Virtusa invests in every Virtusan to allow each person to fulfill their potential and make a positive impact, no matter what their role is. To all the builders, makers, and doers: you’ve found your home.

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