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Terms of Service

Granting of access to Virtusa's Mobile Services via an Employee owned or corporate Mobile Device

I hear by agree that I will abide by the applicable policies, including acceptable use and data protection of Virtusa and Client data. I will use the privilege for the intended and declared purpose and will ensure that I take necessary precautions to ensure that confidential data is kept secure.

I declare that the device which I am installing the Virtusa apps are owned by me and is in my possession at all times.

I also understand that this privilege can be revoked without any notice.

Upon termination of this service or upon termination of my employment with Virtusa, I acknowledge that all corporate data on my Mobile Device will be wiped for security purposes. I agree, not to store or forward, company data on other personal devices than approved devices, cloud services or any other storage mechanism.

I understand that Virtusa Corporation can see the following data on my device:

  • Model and Serial Number
  • Operating System
  • App Names
  • Owner and device name
  • Phone number (of company-owned devices)
  • Device location (of company-owned devices)

I also understand that Virtusa Corporation CANNOT see the following data on my device:

  • Call and web history
  • E-mails and Text messages
  • Contacts and calendar
  • Passwords
  • Photos

I also agree to grant Virtusa the following permissions on my Mobile Device:

  • Erase all corporate data
  • Set Password Rules
  • Install Virtusa applications
  • Monitor Screen Unlock Attempts.
  • Lock the screen
  • Set storage encryption
  • Device function limitations

In case of any violation of the privilege extended to me on my mobile device, I confirm that I am well aware of the consequences of disciplinary action, as appropriate including termination of employment.