Welcome to Virtusa’s 2022 Trend Almanac. Now in its fourth year, this annual report examines key technology and business trends through the lens of our own team of data scientists and digital engineers.

Each year, this team of thought leaders explores how innovation is driven across organizations—from HR and finance to software development and sustainability. Scouring hundreds of outstanding real-world examples, they engage, debate, and determine the top trends, curating the handful of examples that this report features.

Because today’s organizations are more agile, they can pounce quickly on the opportunities these trends present. The ability to take advantage of them and embrace new and emerging technologies requires hard work, determination, and sometimes, calculated risks. It also demands IT modernization, cloud migration, and performance optimization for effective results.

This year’s format differs from previous editions in how we present the trends. First, we describe the individual trends and then explain how they work with each other. By understanding the impact of the combined trends, you can discover new ideas for using your existing technologies to create future applications and opportunities for your organization.

As you read this almanac, you’ll see that much has changed over the past two years, particularly with the technologies. You might notice that what you previously considered impossible is now possible. Think about how your organization can tap into these trends, specifically the barriers to overcome and the short-term and long-term growth opportunities.

The new pace of business and innovation is gaining speed. Now is the time to find new ways to position your organization for growth. Let our almanac help you realize the possibilities.

—Ram Meenakshisundaram, Chief Technology Officer, Virtusa