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Before beginning the enrollment process, there are a few key things which you should keep in mind when you are working with Virtusa.

Firstly, thank you for choosing to support us in our endeavor to deliver excellence to clients and all our stakeholders.

This is Virtusa’s new automated procure to pay system which is being used as primary buying method. Virtusa is committed to streamline entire procure to pay process and providing information and transparency for its employees and suppliers. These guidelines are part of this initiative, which will make purchasing more efficient and build stronger relationship with our suppliers.

Virtusa has made the entire Procure to Pay workflow electronic which also supports self-service purchasing, thereby making entire purchasing process simpler. Purchase orders (PO) can only be created for and issued to suppliers who have been added to the Virtusa’s supplier database.

Payment terms are established within the system for each supplier. The system calculates the payment due date based on the date of receipt of undisputed invoice at the Accounts Payable department. For example, if the Accounts Payable department receives an invoice on April 5th, 2020 and the invoice is date is April 2nd, 2020. If the payment terms are "Net 30," then the system will automatically calculate a payment due date as May 4th, 2020.

All supplier invoices need to be sent electronically for India and Sri Lanka, both electronic and physical copy is required for goods through supplier portal. All invoices are then matched to the PO. Supplier can view their status online. If the invoice cannot be matched to the PO then the requisitioner or purchaser will receive an email from Accounts Payable department to resolve the issues.

We are sharing below guidelines in accordance with our Purchase policy to enable you as you navigate your way to build an effective and sustainable partnership with us.

User guide Click to User guide FCPA Document Click to FCPA Document Vendor Security Addendum Click to Vendor Security Addendum
Supplier Guidelines: View Virtusa’s standard Supplier Guidelines Click here
Terms and Conditions: View Virtusa’s standard T&C's. Click here
Purchase Orders: A PO is a pre-requisite for supplying any goods / services (except a limited list of expressly identified services) to Virtusa.
Shipments: Please provide detailed packing lists when shipping goods to Virtusa.

Documentation requirements:

Please always include an itemized packing list with the following information:

    Virtusa PO number

    Description of items

    Manufacturing part number (if applicable)

    Quantity per part number

All packing must be labeled with PO number clearly stated on each label.

All carrier documents must reference a Virtusa PO number on the air waybill / bill of lading.

For international shipments, please include a commercial invoice that references the Virtusa PO number.

Invoices: Please ensure that details pertaining to invoices are updated in the portal and that invoice information is complete and accurate to avoid delays in the processing of your invoice. Please see Important notes for more details to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in addition to company policy.

Pre-requisites for processing of Invoices:

Please make sure your invoice is accurate and complete. A few tips to note:

  • Send invoices after Virtusa has received the goods or services
  • Virtusa's Purchase Order (PO) number must be referenced on the face of the invoice
  • Ensure invoice information matches information on the PO. This includes for example 'Bill-to' & 'Ship-to' locations, item description, price, currency and Tax registration numbers as applicable
  • Ensure the invoice date is not in the future and the invoice date reflects the date services were rendered and not the date services were first quoted

Pre-requisites for Invoice Submission:

We prefer to receive .pdf invoices sent to us electronically, where local regulations allow.

If the country of the Bill-To entity on the PO is other than India and Sri Lanka;

  • Please submit your invoice through Supplier Portal, attach Invoice copy and all relevant documents
  • Please DO NOT mail us a copy of the invoice/other documents

If the country of the Bill-To entity on the PO is either India or Sri Lanka;

  • Please submit your invoice through Supplier Portal, attach Invoice .pdf format and all relevant documents
  • Send invoices to the "Mail To" address specified on the PO (This is a mandatory additional requirement)

For any queries / grievance related to invoice processing and submission, please feel free to get in touch with our geo specific Accounts Payables team:

  1. If you’re a OSP or supplier of OSP:
    1. India / APAC:
    2. Europe:
    3. Americas:
    4. Sri Lanka:
  2. If you’re a supplier (other than OSP):
    1. India / APAC:
    2. Europe:
    3. Americas:
    4. Sri Lanka:
Payments: We pay suppliers electronically. Please ensure that you provide correct banking details at the time of enrollment. Once payment is issued, a remittance advice will be sent to the email address provided at enrollment. Payment terms are as per agreement/contract.
Note: If you need to update your company / banking information at any time, please update the same through Supplier portal only.

Wages & Benefits Standards: For providers of extended workers (i.e. temps and Contractors), please ensure that you meet wages and benefits standards issued by IRS / relevant regulatory authorities time to time.

Virtusa Policies: The Service Provider hereby represents and warrants that it has in detail reviewed the Virtusa standard policies, terms and conditions made available at The Service Provider hereby agrees and confirms that it has read, agrees and shall at all times strictly comply with the Virtusa Supplier Terms as made available at or as notified by Virtusa from time to time.

Sustainability Surveys: Virtusa periodically sends out supplier engagement surveys to understand the current level of risk and performance in our supply chain, to inform our sourcing decisions and to identify areas for improvement. The Service Provider hereby acknowledges Virtusa’s requirement to respond to these surveys in a timely manner and acknowledges that the failure to respond to the supplier engagement surveys may affect your supplier status.


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