Virtusa Designed a BIAN-Compliant API Banking Sandbox for a Top Research Organization

  • The Challenge

    The organization needed a BIAN-compliant API Sandbox
    • Build-out a data model
    • Connect to the API Development Environment with gamification components
  • The Solution

    Virtusa delivered:
    • A setup and customization of the open API accelerator
    • A Bian-compliant API sandbox environment with SmartBank APIs.
    • A configured gamified CICD (continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery)
    • BIAN reference payment service implementation
  • The Benefits

    The research organization was able to:

    • Experiment and create new revenue streams by leveraging APIs from FinTechs
    • Shorten innovation cycle time from idea to MVP conversion to a few weeks
    • Access to wide variety of use cases/ solutions leveraging disruptive technologies, such as AI and Blockchain
    • Foster community (internal & external) driven innovation delivering exponentially faster time to market for its digital products and services

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