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Virtusa helps top multinational British bank digitally transform its workforce

Our client is one of the top British multinational banks and serves over 40 million customers worldwide. The client had a program within their commercial banking IT team centered around the agile transformation of their traditional waterfall-based workforce into an experienced and competent agile workforce. Virtusa was chosen as the partner to lead this transformation since this venture aimed to enable the client’s commercial banking IT team to keep up with industry innovation and working practices while mitigating threats from their competitors by transforming into an agile workforce.

The Challenge

Our client had to keep up with the rest of the industry and alleviate threats from competitors by embarking on a transformation to agile ways of working. Virtusa chose to start at the Pod level before progressing to DevSecOps and Value Streams. We had to work with the following challenges with a time frame of 9-12 months and a team of 45 Agile coaches:

  • To introduce, improve and mature agile ways of working for all in-scope Pod teams across commercial banking IT
  • We had a target of 3500+ FTEs and 275+ Pods over 9-12 months to mature the workforce in agile operations, culture, and processes
  • Lack of flexibility on adopting on implementing a framework other than the SAFe Framework for the solution
The Solution

We integrated with the client’s chosen methodology and adopted SAFe as the primary framework for our solution, which used both Scrum and Kanban at the Pod levels. We decided on two specific outcomes to illustrate our achievements:

  • The progression of Agile Maturity of the Pod teams we coached, and
  • The level of Agile Behaviors. 

We developed a three-phased approach to coaching the workforce and implementing our solution:

  1. Onboarding: designed to bring newly formed Pod teams up to the minimum level of operational agility; 8 weeks
  2. Incubation: drive the cross-pollination of knowledge and learnings to stabilize the implementation of ceremonies through role-based chapters / COPs; 4 Weeks
  3. Maturity Coaching:  institutionalizing the practices to help them take their maturity to the next level; minimum 4+ weeks.
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The Benefit
  • 45 highly experienced Agile coaches deployed
  • We achieved average Agile Maturity levels between levels 2.3 and 3.65 (WALK) with actual increases in the maturity of up to 2.7 levels.
  • We increased agile behaviors by up to 90%, demonstrating a high level of agile collaboration, leadership, continuous learning, and obsessive improvement.
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