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Virtusa enables leading high-tech company to migrate dispersed, multilingual web content to a unified repository

The client was keen to rebrand its product and service portfolio in a bid to expand into new market segments. As part of this exercise, the client wanted to modernize their online presence. They sought Virtusa's expertise to help them migrate to an integrated, optimized content management platform to help manage the vast amount of information hosted across sites.



The Challenge

While rebranding their product and service portfolio and expanding into new market segments, the client wanted to modernize their online presence. This included the need to:

  • Organize and structure their web content, which was being served from a legacy platform and multiple Content Management Systems
  • Migrate over 2 million assets to a robust, integrated platform after cleansing redundant and obsolete data
  • Enable multilingual content in over 12 languages with distributed ownership on an integrated web portal
  • Classify content into enterprise-wide taxonomy
  • Improve content accessibility and the search experience for visitors
  • Offer website visitors a rich online experience with multi-channel support
The Solution

Based on a 13-year relationship, the client chose Virtusa as their partner in modernizing their site. Virtusa helped migrated over 2 million assets from the client's existing Interwoven CMS repository to the new Documentum 5 platform. Also, the client's global marketing website was published in 70 countries in over 12 languages.

Virtusa designed and proposed a new taxonomy to ensure content classification was in line with the demands of content creators as well as consumers. The existing content was classified in the enterprise-wide taxonomy using natural language processing (NLP). Virtusa also implemented its new search platform FAST and optimized search relevance by implementing SEO best practices and a unified search strategy across disparate data sources. Virtusa enhanced the search experience with guided navigation, contextual and faceted search, advanced multilingual indexing, and rich media indexing.

A global team of digital content experts and engineers planned and successfully completed the modernization project in 18 months.

The Solution
The Benefit

With an integrated, optimized content management platform, the client saw immediate benefits:

  • Efficient management of 2+ million assets across 70 global sites
  • An enhanced governance model for managing and distributing digital assets
  • Classified assets into enterprise-wide taxonomy for information architecture and faceted search
  • Reduced TCO and minimized manual labor for content migration by 60% using content migration platform
  • Near zero defects in the final rollout
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