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Virtusa builds information management system for a leading restaurant chain using Win Azure

Virtusa's client, a world leading fast food chain with business units located around the globe, wanted to better understand the costs, margins, and other analytics associated with each individual location. Virtusa built out a hybrid cloud solution, on the Microsoft Azure platform, to provide real time analytics and detailed information for more efficient cost management per location.

Microsoft's partnership with Virtusa allows seamless integration of our solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.



The Challenge

The business problem was

  • Lacking real time information transfer between business entities.
  • Unable to meet changing business requirements
  • Slow data processing for all the restaurants located indifferent geographical locations.
  • Reduced margins and poor customer relationships.
The Solution

Virtusa leveraged the Microsoft Azure platform to create hybrid cloud solution with run time governance.

  • Developed a pre-built architecture with a customizable business logic
  • Leveraged built-in services of the Win Azure platform such as SQL Database and Access Control Service.
  • Virtusa followed a four stage approach:
    • Creating a POC
    • Architechture
    • Design
    • Scale out Solutions.
The Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa built a hybrid cloud solution that will provide real time analytics, granular examination of information and actionable messages.

  • Fast and easy access to actionable information
  • Manage costs to make smart decisions in real time
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased visibility into system performance.
  • Effective capturing of information by filtering and real time transferring between source and target systems.
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