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Virtusa achieved a successful process and customer discovery for a top business licensing and research service provider

Using accelerated solution design methodology

With customer expectations at an all-time high, a business license service provider needs to deliver superior customer service. But in the middle of this fast-paced customer journey, our client acquired a new business entity and was looking for a technology partner to understand the process and customer journey of the newly acquired business entity. 

There was an increasing need for the client to implement accelerated solution design (ASD) for its newly acquired business entity because of the following reasons:

  • To meet evolving customer service demands 
  • To understand its newly acquired business’s existing process challenges
  • To help improve its overall business efficiencies

Virtusa was already a part of the client’s digital transformation journey. So, our team documented a detailed assessment of the current state of the client’s newly acquired business processes, customer persona journey mapping, and technology inventory to enable a successful process and customer discovery using ASD methodology.

The Challenge

There was a need to identify the gaps and assess the complexities of current business processes and customer challenges the client faced with its newly acquired entity. The business was still stranded with manual and disparate processes that affected both customer and employee experience. The client was looking for an IT partner who could develop and document a detailed assessment of the current business processes with future recommendations, customer persona journey mapping with customer pain points, and technology inventory with future database design.

The Solution

The client collaborated with Virtusa to implement empathize, analyze, conceptualize, and realize framework, also known as the ASD framework. Virtusa executed the 12-week discovery engagement in three phases: BL process functional deep dive, customer journey mapping, and technical assessment. In our attempt to harmonize these phases  together using our proven approach for ASD, we carried out multiple tasks as mentioned below:

  • Identified stakeholders and conducted workshops to create detailed, end-to-end process maps for all business license (BL) services
  • Documented a prioritized list of customer and employee challenges and pain points
  • Documented technology inventory – systems and integrations to support the current business processes
  • Incorporated insights from end customers via direct conversations or conversations with proxy subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Offered an end to end customer journey mapping for sales, delivery, and renewal
  • Defined various personas representative of the customers 
  • Conducted process mapping and customer interview sessions across multiple focus groups
  • Identified the pain points and improvement opportunities
  • Evaluated and documented the technical landscape
  • Created requirement functional matrix on CRUD model for future technical development of their internal and customer portals
  • Created common future state processes (without tech constraints) for all BL services
  • Documented a high-level feature mapping for a client-facing portal
  • Documented high-level requirements for the database of the future  
Virtusa achieved a successful process and customer discovery solution
The Benefit

Virtusa enabled a successful process and customer discovery using accelerated solution design (ASD) methodology to the client while also providing some key business benefits:

  • Future recommendations for process improvement and enhancement of customer journey by understanding the business challenges and gaps
  • Roadmap for non-technological enhancements in employee processes
  • Identified major processes to leap toward digital transformation
  • Validation of the pain points regarding employee processes and customer experience leading to leaning toward application enhancements
  • Predict requirements of customers to be addressed proactively
  • Recommendations for organizational restructuring for better business efficiency
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