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U.S Telecom Retail Company Creates Delightful Experiences by Migrating to Azure PaaS

Our client is an authorized retailer of one of the biggest telcos in the U.S. Along with providing world-class solutions to their wireless customers, they also operate in the device insurance business. Our client seeks to create market differentiation in a highly competitive and crowded insurance industry by delivering superior customer experience and faster time-to-market. They partnered with Virtusa to transform their technology stack and align with the ever-changing market demands calling for high agility and scalability while keeping operating costs low.

The Challenge

As part of their business transformation strategy, the client realized that they needed to accelerate partner onboarding, eliminate redundancies, and limit manual intervention.

 They wanted to bring experiences faster to the market, deliver highly relevant campaigns, and remain flexible to customer needs. They operated a legacy monolith for claims management. Also, without access to a holistic view of customer and process data, decision-making was prone to judgment errors. Accounting remained mostly labor-intensive, adding to slow response times.

The Solution

As a preferred technology partner, Virtusa crafted and implemented a custom solution on the Microsoft Azure platform.

We began by pre-building microservices to quickly orchestrate the business need and converting big code chunks and complicated business processors to low code solutions. We rapidly introduced automated accounting procedures and minimized human intervention. A centralized product catalog was implemented for seamless partner onboarding across their insurance platform. Additionally, we converted the iterative development model to SCRUM powered by Azure VSTS CI/CD to react and adjected to business dynamics

To ensure business continuity during system upgrades, Azure Site Recovery and Recovery Vault were implemented.   A comprehensive process document was introduced to capture data and integrated it with PowerBI for accurate better decision-making.

Azure solutions deployed:

  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Function Apps
  • Azure ASR and Recovery Vault (backup and disaster recovery)
  • Azure Data warehouse
  • PowerBI reporting
  • Azure SQL Manage Instance (Azure MI)
  • Azure Data Migration Service (Azure-DMS)
Azure Cloud Migration Solution
The Benefit

By adopting our Azure solution, the client cut the cost of infrastructure and maintenance by 35%.

Partner onboarding time was reduced by 95% that helped increase their partner reach by 300%.  Apart from this, we also delivered custom solutions that helped the client diagnose devices prior to enrollment using store iPads while helping reduce frauds while enrolling with broken devices.

Enabling customer success using cutting edge Microsoft technologies

Virtusa+Azure: Unmatched cloud transformation experience.

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