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Unifying global claims processing and transforming an enterprise

Helping one of the world's largest insurers make customer and employee satisfaction its top priority by redefining and unifying claims processing and transforming an enterprise.



The Challenge

A fragmented network of over 140 disconnected, legacy systems across 90 countries

Our client is one of the largest insurers in the world and had a global claims process that had become a fragmented network of over 140 disconnected, legacy systems across 90 countries. Without an integrated solution to manage enterprise-wide claims processing, the way that claims were analyzed and settled varied dramatically across the enterprise. This led to unconsolidated data, uncontrolled total ownership costs, and inaccurate claims settlement that resulted in $2.3M per day in leakage.

The Solution

Innovative and adaptive solutions

Virtusa successfully worked within a collaborative, multi-vendor ecosystem to create innovative and adaptive global solutions that significantly improved claims handlin-îwhile unifying and transforming its claims organization into a high-performing business.

Our solution included Virtusa's Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) methodology to enable iterative development, and Pega's framework was implemented to create the core platform ensuring up to 70% reusability across franchise countries while reducing downstream changes.

Integrated disruptive technologies such as Robotic Process Automation for claim intake, BPM for workflow and workforce management, Mobility for 24x7 access, and Analytics for data management, operational reporting, and forecasts. VBrain RPA console manages all the activities of human workers and digital workers (a.k.a. robots) giving actionable insights for continuous optimization

The Solution
The Benefit

Claims organization transformed into a high-performing business

Benefits stretched across the organization and included:

  • Straight Through Processing and Automatic Payments significantly reduced operational cost by over 30 percent
  • Consolidation of 57 Products across 18 countries
  • Each country utilized an on-boarding model that reduced migration from 28 weeks to 16 weeks
  • Achieved 89% reuse of existing/implemented code base
  • 33% Fewer FTEs through use of RPA and DevOps
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