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Omnichannel solutions for enterprise business transformation

Our client, a global telecommunications company, had acquired a fixed line company in 2012 as it wanted to foray into enterprise business from a mobile-only business. Post acquisition, the client ended up managing 4500 enterprise clients and 15000+ users across multiple, siloed system stacks. These stacks included 96 disparate customer-facing applications running through 15+ siloed business processes across 70+ IT systems. Due to this, the client's customers had to navigate through multiple online channels for cross-product sales and services, making their customer journey complex and disjointed.

Virtusa was chosen to work on the strategy, vision, and roadmap to consolidate these 96 customer-facing front-end applications into a single application. In just 24 months, we successfully transformed the system and rationalized the channels into a single channel, delivering business outcomes in every step.



The Challenge

The key business challenges included:

  • Twenty minutes to raise a new fault using online channels
  • Eighty percent failed orders at the back end
  • Disjointed customer journeys due to different processes and legacy stacks
  • Difficulty integrating complex and disparate stacks with their enterprise ecosystem
The Solution

Our solution to the problem:

  • Rationalized 96 online channels into a single unified enterprise-wide channel with state-of-the-art integration and BSS stack
  • Delivered a solution based on Oracle WebCenter portal and WebCenter sites coupled with Oracle Identity Management (IDM)
  • Provided a 360-degree view of the customer via personalized dashboards
  • Built 70+ reusable modules to optimize the selling, serving, and billing journeys across product and service lines
The Solution
The Benefit

The key benefits delivered include:

  • Seventy percent faster product launches, hence accelerating time-to-market
  • Thirty percent reduction in total cost of ownership and higher operational efficiency
  • Fifty percent reduction in manual touchpoints through rationalized processes
  • Thirty percent increase in online sales, hence improving top-line revenue
Virtusa a Visionary, 2 years in a row

2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Services for Communications Service Providers, Worldwide

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