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Helping transform End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patient care with a connected health platform

Technology maturity related to connectivity and associated technologies coupled with the shift of care from in-person to remote have put the medical devices companies at the cusp of being an effective partner to clinicians in care delivery.

The industry is starting to leverage technology to enhance their traditional devices to smart devices through device-enablement platforms, allowing for capabilities such as real-time monitoring, remote programming of devices, and predictive analytics. Embracing these changes will help grow market share, adopt customer-centricity, and help companies fine-tune and design products with real-world data.

Virtusa, with its innovative technology and care delivery knowledge, can help transform your digital footprint and reap benefits faster. One such transformation project is that of peritoneal home-dialysis connected patient care. Virtusa as a strategic partner to a global dialysis management company developed a connected health platform to convert a traditional cycler to a smart cycler and help deliver "Anytime, Anywhere" mode of care delivery - bringing the right information, at the right time, to the right place, and the right person.

Our customer specializes in solutions for people living with End-Stage Renal Disease and related conditions envisioned transforming home dialysis with a connected health platform. The platform's goal was to digitally connect peritoneal home-dialysis patient care and clinical experience in near real-time by augmenting home dialysis machines with cutting-edge technologies. 

Virtusa as a strategic partner, realized this vision through its technical expertise in connected platforms and rich medical technology/device industry experience. We leveraged IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, and Security to build a robust platform.

The Challenge

Traditional home-dialysis patient care had many manual activities, leading to inefficiencies/limitations.

It had several challenges: 

  • No real-time monitoring
  • Delay in updating the prescription
  • Manual inefficiencies in updating a cycler
  • Unable to deliver the right treatment to a right patient
  • Inconvenient and expensive treatment information gathering or therapy updates
The Solution

Virtusa as a strategic partner developed a connected health platform to deliver "Anytime, Anywhere" mode of care delivery - bringing in the right information, at the right time, to the right place and the right person to improve the experience.

We helped implement a connected health platform that would enable customer cycler(s) to deliver a well-balanced, improved feature-set to enhance the peritoneal home-dialysis patient and provider experience. 

The connected health platform allowed: 

  • Upgrade to smart cyclers by communicating through Bluetooth, USB, or patient card reader 
  • Provide real-time bi-directional flow of data, prescription, and treatment summary between cyclers and clinician through an internet gateway and a cloud hub
  • Encrypt and validate the information flow between cyclers and clinicians
  • Integrate with SAP for accurate mapping of patient and cycler information

We also supported end-to-end testing of the connected health systems and interfaces as part of V&V. Verification and Validation involved

  • Manual testing for embedded software in medical device
  • Automation testing for APIs in the Cloud
  • Performance testing/load testing to scale up for the upcoming volume of data


The Benefit

Virtusa's connected health platform virtually connects the patient with the clinician real-time.

  • Remote monitoring through real-time dialysis information
  • Allowed clinicians to personalize treatments with greater control
  • Provided a wealth of information and analytics to design/upgrade initiatives/treatments for improved outcomes
  • Instant publishing of therapy/prescription updates by the clinician
  • Track treatment deviations and handle exceptions
  • Convenience to patients and providers
  • Speed up the claims processing for providers



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