success story

Successfully delivered infrastructure managed services for a leading American bank

Premier bank holding company in US was looking for a partner who could define and implement best of the breed Database management and Disaster recovery strategy while expecting to reduce incident counts, increase productivity , reduce delivery time and ensuring almost a zero downtime.

Virtusa designed the solution considering the client's complex requirement and provided a simplified yet holistic solution.



The Challenge

The client suffered significantly due to non-standardized process and lack of visibility into the IT landscape.

Unavailability of an efficient Database and Disaster recovery strategy choking the operational effectiveness

Non-Standardized process elements such as incident, problem, knowledge, asset and service desk management creating inconsistency in availablity

Lack of visibility around availability and detailed configuration item status categorization

The Solution

Virtusa implemented a comprehensive solution following industry best practices and leveraging its automation capability to revamp the overall experience.

Defined and Implemented complete Database management strategy and Disaster Recovery strategy

Maintained the integrity of code to ensure certified version of code components are promoted to production

Complete view of configuration items related to the business service along with the availability status categorized on daily and weekly basis

Reduced time required to build new servers by eliminating manual intervention

The Solution
The Benefit

Standardised end to end managed infrastructure created a visible amount of benefits for the client:

40% reduction in incidents over 7 months due to robust Problem Management process

Consistently achieved over 99.99% availability ensuring almost zero downtime

20% increase in productivity

55% reduction in delivery time through automation of build and deployment process

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