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Search engine implementation for a leading visualization software firm

The client is a leading software company that reduces IT infrastructure complexities for its customers by providing virtualization and cloud services. Their technologies and products span the areas of cloud infrastructure, data centers, desktop and application virtualization, networking security, storage availability, enterprise mobility management, and hyper-converged infrastructures.



The Challenge

The client caters to both enterprises as well as end consumers, looking for production collateral and technical solutions.

The client's website holds a wide range of content, from marketing collateral to technical white papers. They needed to revamp their digital presence with a comprehensive search engine that provided accurate, relevant information. These challenges included:

  • Multiple product master data residing in various systems
  • Insufficient content metadata
  • Limited capability to leverage social media content and feedback
  • Ineffective faceted navigation capability

  To address these challenges, they sought a partner who could consolidate multiple applications, deploy a unified, enterprise-wide search engine with uniform taxonomy. They also wanted to offer an improved user interface to replace the broken navigation.

The Solution

Virtusa implemented an enterprise-wide master taxonomy across multiple systems. This included the client's marketing portal, customer portal, and global support services among others. To ensure users saw relevant content, Virtusa added accurate, consistent metadata to the client's content using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Multiple search engines and data repositories were consolidated onto one platform - Google Search Appliance (GSA) - for improved search relevance. 

Virtusa streamlined the classification process for over 2 million assets and 100 GB of content, including marketing collateral, technical documentation, knowledge management systems, community pages, and data from social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Virtusa also integrated 10+ enterprise applications including content management, collaboration, forums, knowledge management, social networking, and database applications among others.

Enterprise Search Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa's understanding of the client's requirements, and their search enhancement interventions resulted in the following benefits for the client:

  • Multiple search applications integrated into a single search engine
  • A more meaningful information architecture for increased search efficiency and relevance
  • A unified enterprise taxonomy (~600 unique nodes) across multiple applications and business units
  • Auto-classification of legacy content (~2 million assets)
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
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