success story

Robotics in KYC remediation and review

Our client wanted to improve KYC remediation processes and reduce dependency on manual labor. We implemented RPA solutions to achieve better operational efficiency, faster process turnaround, manual effort reduction, and improved KYC review productivity.



The Challenge

The KYC remediation process was highly manual and involved the use of multiple systems. Client wanted to transform the process and achieve high productivity with accuracy.

The Solution
  • Our client lifecycle management and robotics experts studied processes to identify opportunities for automation.
  • We identified the KYC process of checking client registration as a quick win candidate for robotic automation
  • The process involved the following steps:
    • Searching for client information in regulatory websites, and retrieving results
    • Updating the status of client registration in local systems
The Solution
The Benefit
  • 80% faster cycle time with an automated process  configured to run for 24 hours/day
  • 5x higher productivity through automated operations
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