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Policy migration testing for a leading long-term care insurer

Getting a new product to market faster than one's competitors is crucial to gain traction. Yet, in the race to the finish line, we often see the compromise of not comprehensively testing a product or update before its release. More often than not, this results in flaws or issues that go unnoticed until after launch and can negatively affect the customer's experience and also hurt one's reputation. As a result, insurers need to make sure products undergo significant testing before launch to guarantee success.

Our client had a growth strategy to raise rates on their current long-term care policies. As part of this rollout, the client needed to quality certify the whole process, which required deep knowledge in the areas of premium calculation, accounting, commission calculation, and letter generation. Additionally, the entirety of the process was to be handled in the client's legacy transaction system, FUTUREfirst. The client engaged Virtusa to provide Quality Assurance support for this product-update implementation.



The Challenge

The client faced the following challenges as part of their product testing:


  • An absence of skilled testing team slowed rollout of new policy rates, impacting growth plans


  • IT department did not have expertise testing in FUTUREfirst causing significant productivity issues by utilizing personnel, who traditionally work in actual production, as testers


  • The obligation to provide smooth, bug-free experience to the customer as part of the product-update rollout
The Solution
  • Virtusa provided QA services to overcome the client's challenges by providing the capacity to test applications and introducing a matured QA process to the client. Highlights of Virtusa's QA process offering include:
  • Collaboration with FUTUREfirst SMEs to build a knowledge management portal (i.e. videos and user guides for each functional area) to train and ramp up resources
  • Consistent test design review with LTC domain experts to ensure exceptional accuracy and coverage
  • Strategic QA effort planning to ensure timeliness of testing
  • Innovative development of in-house tools to reduce testing time by assessing bulk test-cases
  • Comprehensive tracking and monitoring processes
Data Migration Testing Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa's QA offering provided significant growth benefits to the client:

  • Completion of the entire quality certification process for product enhancement in 25 states, thus allowing the client to successfully roll out its growth plans Efficiency
  • Revenue growth from $2M in FY13 to $4M in FY14 with a revenue forecast of $5M for FY15 due to Virtusa's QA engagement Customer
  • Effective testing eliminated flaws before product rollout and mitigated the risk of poor customer experience resulting in positive customer satisfaction
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