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Virtusa Helped a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company Fast-track its Clinical Trials by 25% With Modernized Cloud Data Hubs

The client is a leading Fortune 500 pharmaceutical manufacturer.As with many life sciences organizations, the client's organization had incrementally built their legacy IT environment responding to ongoing business needs. New capabilities were developed overtime, resulting in a variety of problems owing to inconsistent reporting patterns, manual business processes to create reports to be shared across departments ultimately resulting in inability to take quick decisions, lengthy time to complete clinical trials, inconsistent budget predictions and more.



The Challenge
  • No single reporting & analytics portal across business
  • No consistent way to ensure quality, cleanliness, provenance and lineage
  • Dashboards & reports show different data compared to the source system
  • Analytics are not mobile enabled
  • Risk of access/security not understood, leading to unnecessary user access controls in place
The Solution
  • Built an enterprise data hub to consolidate clinical, commercial, and open datasets from 200+ sources
  • Implemented data, analytics, and API as a service for different business units
  • Financials & clinical trials data stored in structured and unstructured sources ingested into AWS data lake
  • Talend ETL components transform data to the required level and load into an SSoT (ODS) and data marts
  • Visualization through analytics and reporting
The Solution
The Benefit
  • Delivered a single, consistent, enterprise-wide 'version of the truth' of clinical and commercial data for consumption across multiple teams
  • Improved speed of clinical trials
  • time spent generating routine management and operational reports reduced by 95%
  • Time data scientists spend on finding, wrangling, and integrating data reduced by 85%
  • Aiding in implementing competitive AI/ML forecasting models with a target of less than 3% forecast deviation for finance features/attributes
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