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Leading UK telco provider migrates from legacy ETL to AWS infrastructure

Virtusa helps rewrite functional logic from licensed COTS into open-source Pyspark code

The client, a leading telecom provider in the UK, was using on-prem servers and licensed commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products for coding and implementing functional logic. Virtusa helped migrate them to AWS infrastructure and also helped in rewriting their functional logic into open-source Pyspark code.

The Challenge

The client was working on legacy extract, transform, load  (ETL) COTS products for billing-related service level agreement (SLA) or service-level guarantee (SLG) calculations which had a lot of limitations and high costs. With an increasing customer base, the client faced the following challenges:

  • The ETL tool and on-prem environment were becoming a performance bottleneck as six years of data were churned daily for over 200K records. Hence, there was an urgent need to transform and migrate. 
  • The data size was also becoming unmanageable as the data store was over 6TB.
  • COTS product development and maintenance requires attaining specific training throughout the lifecycle
  • Operational users were stuck with rigid reporting due to few cycle-time reporting changes.
  • The ETL tool does not support these volumes and hence it was nearing the end of its life cycle
  • Scalability issues due to months required to procure extra hardware
The Solution

Virtusa helped the client transform from a legacy product which helped improve application performance and customer satisfaction. The challenges required a deep dive into the client’s server architecture. 

  • As part of the transformation, we helped the client migrate from on-prem servers onto AWS infra along with re-write of code and implementation of functional logic from licensed COTS product into open source Pyspark code on Glue 
  • AWS native PostgreSQL replaced the existing Oracle Database
  • Introduction of Quick Sight as a dynamic reporting tool 
  • Customizable and intuitive UI using the latest Angular tech stack
  • Use of standard DevOps practices and tools to automate and reduce efforts
  • Implementation of Lambda for file processing
  • Utilizing step functions to schedule Glue jobs
Legacy ETL to AWS Infrastructure Migration Solutions
The Benefit

Migrating to the AWS infrastructure reduced resource dependency on the client’s Operation team and significantly improved application performance, leading to increased customer satisfaction.  

The new, fully configurable open-source tool eased development bottlenecks and, with

Quicksight, the reporting and the loading time of the data presentation layer also improved significantly. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Application bulk processing performance improved by 5x times. 
  • USD 130K of year-on-year cost savings without the COTS licenses 
  • 100% system availability and scalability achieved using cloud-native databases and technology stack. 
  • 20% overall maintenance cost was reduced by not having dedicated resources for Linux VMs, Oracle Database, and the application support team.
  • Use of standard DevOps practices 
  • Fully automated processes through the cloud to measure development quality and deployment

Since the client migrated to the cloud without any COTS product, they could expand the development, test, and production environment at run time with no lag, which,  compared to the legacy infrastructure procurement, took over two months. The transformation will benefit the client as customer traffic increases in the UK. 

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