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Leading Middle Eastern airline enhances efficiency by 50% with web-based facility management system

Sustainable building operation is essential for airlines to avoid any disruption in asset management and enable hassle-free customer service. Therefore, a robust facility management system (FMS) is essential to check that the built environment supports the airline’s operations.  

For a leading Middle Eastern airline carrier, manual tracking and monitoring of building maintenance activity for staff accommodation made it challenging to manage assets and services the customers needed. Thus, they required more resources, leading to rising costs, decreased productivity, and delayed customer service.

Virtusa implemented a well-integrated, automated web-based FMS application using .NET, React, and SQL Server to accelerate the maintenance process through real-time tracking and completion. The solution improved cost efficiency by 30% and enhanced experience for maintenance and operations teams and customers.

The Challenge

Our client relied upon manual maintenance of one of its buildings dedicated to its staff that often delayed the operations.

Virtusa analyzed the existing landscape and proposed to automate the maintenance process of the company’s owned and leased residential and commercial building. The existing request tracking process for employees and end users was complex and hard to monitor. It led to longer wait times for approving material required for maintenance of the building.

The Solution

Virtusa helped the client by implementing its integrated, web-based FMS solution to accelerate the maintenance process through automation and real-time tracking and completion.

Our solution provided easy access to building occupants – employees staying in company accommodation – for raising the maintenance request with a preferred time slot to provide the occupant with proper tracking of the asset/service and recommendation for completion, along with detailed admin reports. With a streamlined workflow, the team leaders and managers could do a quick approval of the request. To further enhance the workflow, our team provided different levels of authentication to other users based on user roles to secure the application. 

Thus, with our integrated FMS solution, the client’s efficiency increased. It enabled the client to automate request tracking for end-users and team, decrease operational time, and improve user experience by automating workflow and approvals of requests along with email notifications.

Facility Management System
The Benefit
  • Reduced manual efforts by 50%
  • Improved cost efficiency by 30%
  • Accelerated tracking and maintenance process
  • Enhanced employee and end-user experience
  • Lowered turnaround time
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