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Leading industrial manufacturer cuts lead and cycle time by 40%

A leading global manufacturer of home and industrial products digitally transformed its operations across two plants, six verticals, and 29 branches. This significantly improved development, leading to reduced cycle and lead times and a 40% improvement in overall performance of the ERP platform.

The legacy system was completely customized. It didn't integrate with other departments or offer business process and planning capabilities vital in today's digital economy.



The Challenge

The client's antiquated legacy system did not meet business needs, and it became a major challenge to manage and meet customer requirements effectively as our client experienced rapid growth. Some of the growing pains included:

  • No real-time sales forecast, trial balance, or MIS reporting functionalities
  • No visible tracking or analysis of development costs
  • Lack of control points at every stage
  • Complex Polytex process (spindle tape, belts, and films)
The Solution

Virtusa recognized that only an innovative, forward-looking solution can serve as a backbone for the company to ensure customer satisfaction. We leveraged our experience, tools, and templates to ensure a smooth implementation well before the start of the new financial year.

Studied and understood processes

  • Studied current business processes, including localized taxes
  • Conducted workshops with users from all plants
  • Understood their financial reporting structure and
  • Branch and distributor network setup

  Created a single source of truth for data

  • Cleaned master data and uploaded only active data
  • Segregated and uploaded master data based on manufacturing units
  • Implemented the standard solution to eliminate data manipulation through customized sessions

  Streamlined and standardized processes

  • Mapped entire business processes, including Polytex, into standard LN
  • Streamlined processes across locations; added control points

  Automated data migration

  • Used templates and tools for migration of static and dynamic data
The Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa mapped the entire business process, including local taxation requirements, into standard Infor LN with minimal customization.

This platform helped our client meet customer demand and make better decisions faster. Moreover, the management was spending less time creating reports and more time making strategic business moves through automated business intelligence solutions in real time.

  • Real-time trial balance reporting
  • Better sales forecasting, material planning, and inventory tracking
  • Improved margins through better costing calculations
  • Eliminated user errors and manipulation of data by adding control points
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