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Leading HR and Payroll Services Firm Slashes Infra Costs by 40% with Microsoft Azure

Considering the advances in HR technology, it was no surprise that our client wanted to move their payroll paystub report generation to the cloud. They sought Virtusa’s Microsoft Azure cloud migration expertise to help boost productivity, flexibility, innovation, and control costs.

The Challenge

Over 40 on-prem servers, accessed through multiple virtual machines, is how the client operated their report generation process.

Slow, unreliable, and expensive, the whole framework did not support scalability of any kind. And this hindered the client’s plans to expand and fuel growth, which would see them handle 3x volume. The other challenge was the accessibility and maintenance of these report engines. In all, the client wanted an innovative, cost-effective way to operate their burgeoning report generation process.

The Solution

Virtusa implemented a serverless Microsoft Azure architecture for process orchestration.

 The solution involved rearchitecting the existing on-prem application to Azure and achieve parallel report generation at scale.  Legacy applications and services (PowerBuilder) were migrated to immediately take advantage of Azure’s app services and modernization features. The paystub generation process was decoupled to allow for faster processing of printable reports. The whole migration was carried out in an iterative manner to assist high availability and reliability while offering users ease of access.

Azure Cloud Migration
The Benefit

With Microsoft Azure, the client significantly reduced their infrastructure costs by 40%.

The migration of their technology stack to Azure PaaS helped achieve elasticity and flexibility in processing. The new system has enabled the client to meet current demands while providing enough scalability to meet future growth plans. The move has also helped eliminate any software non-compliance that was inherited from the legacy, on-prem solution.

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