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success story

A leading healthcare and insurance company saved $1.5 million by reducing the average call handling time

Realized using Virtusa's Robotic Desktop Automation

The client is an American multinational healthcare and insurance company offering products and services to individuals in the US and selected international markets. The client also offers services to governmental and non-governmental entities and institutions.

The Challenge

The client was commissioned to automate the healthcare and medicare departments of the US government.

For this purpose, multiple call centers with operators were set up across the US to assist citizens. On average, the client started receiving 4000 to 5000 calls per day. Due to this large call volume, the client began to face an increasing number of challenges in providing quality and timely assistance to the callers. 

Some of the challenges faced by the client were:

  • Lack of call center operators: There were not enough call center operators to handle the large volume of calls, and the cost of recruiting and training new operators was high. 
  • Poor customer experience: High average time per call as the call center operators were involved in repetitive and manual tasks, leading to long wait times and poor customer experience.
  • Poor data support: Non-availability of data backup in the current manual process and frequent app crashes led to data loss and repetition.
  • Error-prone: Manual data entries on multiple applications are prone to errors. 
  • Low productivity and growth: Lack of process automation slowed down market expansion and diversification efforts.
The Solution

The client approached Vitusa to solve their challenges using our automation capabilities in strategic areas for process optimization and faster workflow to address current and future call volume fluctuations. 

Virtusa's Pega Robotics team followed an agile methodology to deliver Zero Production Defects bots powered by Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) to: 

  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Capture and create data repository back-ups using bots for unforeseen situations like app crashes
  • One-click solution to copy data across multiple applications while maintaining precision
  • Installation of call cleanup button to refresh system after each call, saving time for the operator
Robotic Desktop Automation Solutions
The Benefit

Virtusa's Pega Robotics team delivered the following benefits to its client in nine sprints that lasted roughly about four and a half months:

Enhanced customer experience:

Automation resulted in shorter waiting times and a better customer experience.

Call handling time:

Reduction in average call handling time up to 81 seconds per call 

Cost savings:

Annual savings of approximately $ 1.5 Million

Process Efficiency:

Automation eliminated redundant and repetitive tasks, resulting in efficient resource utilization and reporting capabilities.

Data management:

Data repository and on-click solution helped overcome the challenge of app crashes, leading to better data utilization. 

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