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Innovation platform to enhance performance in bulk patient data retrieval

Our client, a leader in subscription-based businesses that focuses on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, faced several challenges with a complex data ecosystem and high operational costs.



The Challenge
  • Building an innovative application with a new design, integrating five different patent products with varying stacks of technology
  • Improving the performance issues in bulk patent data retrieval for exporting
  • Building the platform with multi-lingual capabilities to gain access in Asia
  • Increasing revenue by accelerating time-to-market
The Solution

Virtusa started this engagement with a consulting phase to understand the client's business challenges, objectives, and desired expectations on business outcomes. This phase emphasized articulation of the problem statement, synthesis of the results, and rapid prototyping potential solutions to ensure alignment between stakeholders. We then proactively conceptualized, architected, and implemented a robust innovation platform in line with the customer's growth vision.

  • Created a robust innovation platform to ingest, search, and analyze data
  • Optimized the patent data retrieval by building proprietary streamlined retrieval system on top of Google Protocol Buffer and key value store
  • Implemented morphological based search engine to support searching of Japanese patent data
  • Architected a scalable solution that can support future localizations and handle wide character set (double/single byte)
  • Refreshed innovation components by upgrading to cloud technologies
The Solution
The Benefit

By leading this multi-year, multi-partner engagement, Virtusa successfully implemented highly scalable data platform.

  • Improved customer satisfaction index from average to a delighted customer; reflected in the customer survey rating by an increase of 8%
  • Accelerated the time-to-market from 12 months to two months by adding new patent data
  • Reduced maintenance overheads with the newly rolled out platform
  • Reduced cost of application development by 25%
  • Improved the overall quality of the system by 10%
  • Helped gain access into the Japanese market
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