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Improving scalability and meeting stakeholder expectations through a modernized platform

The client provides real-time operational intelligence solutions for machine-generated big data to businesses globally. They offer software for monitoring, searching, and analyzing machine-generated data. Their software indexes and correlates diverse data such as user transactions, customer behavior, service levels, security threats, and operational processes. They help derive actionable insights from these diverse data streams. they had to scale to keep up with their customer's demands but were unable to effectively do so owing to an aging legacy system. Additionally, they sought to optimize costs associated with technology modernization and operational management.



The Challenge

The client's customers have a large number of IT applications, databases, third-party applications, and infrastructure components - all on legacy platforms and programming languages, predominantly PHP. This impacted scalability to new business features, as existing bugs kept piling up. The client didn't have dedicated project management and quality assurance teams. The client wanted to outsource the development, testing, and management of all IT applications and teams. They wanted flexibility in ramping up and down the team based on utilization and load besides setting up industry best practices in agile methodology and quality processes. The client wanted to outsource IT services that would:

  • Refresh the existing technology stack to include new technologies and innovations
  • Support multiple platforms and programming languages
  • Augment development, testing and project management team
  • Clear all existing 800+ bugs in defect tracking system
  • Ramp up/down the team as per project needs
  • Implement agile methodologies for project management
The Solution

Virtusa's deep understanding of the high tech industry and a proven record of innovation in digital engineering led the client to partner with us.

Virtusa helped the client scale their current team with additional onsite and offshore resources. It implemented a scrum-based project methodology and testing techniques. Virtusa designed and implemented a scalable platform in Java and NodeJS to support the migration of existing applications and building new applications. Virtusa also helped migrate the existing legacy CMS platform to new Adobe AEM and enabled the client to integrate new marketing automation tools.

The Solution
The Benefit

By partnering with Virtusa to implement the new platform, the client gained:

  • Reduction of 400+ bugs in defect tracking system in a very short duration
  • New trained resources within a short duration, experiencing in handling in existing applications and having thorough domain knowledge
  • Experience in deploying agile methodologies for project management
  • New and more effective QA processes
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