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Next-Gen Licensing Platform for Standardized Business Workflows in Vermont's State Government

State Governments should be able to run easily and efficiently with a high degree of quality and consistency. The State Offices in Vermont were behind the times and looking to jolt their current licensing platforms into the next generation.

A migration of data from the current systems to the new platform, self-service access to regulated professionals, licensees, and profession boards, the ability to manage their profile, and the enforcement component covering complaint, inspection, and litigation are all at the forefront of what is required for the Next Generation of Licensing Platform (NGLP) to be completed.



The Challenge

Lack of internal controls was leading to the delayed onboarding and renewal of the professional licenses.

The client has different profession types that have their unique set of strategic application requirements to be fulfilled. It was getting too difficult to maintain scope control to ensure that the solution for the initial phase reuses functionality in the framework.

To address these challenges, the client was seeking a robust and scalable Next Generation of Licensing Platform (NGLP) consisting of the business functions to enable users to initiate and manage the lifecycle of new license applications and renewals.

The Solution

Leveraging Pega BPM and Agile methodology to enable the Next Generation licensing platform

Virtusa helped mitigate the SoV budget requirement by leveraging date migration and UX/UI resources and deliver on the PegaBPM Agile methodology with a 9-week elaboration that focused on the OOTB Capabilities of the application through the integration of Pega 7 with internal and external data sources allowing for:

  • Orchestration of data to affect license dispositioning
  • Routing of license to respective state employees for acting on work, managing work, and dispositioning the license outcome
  • Automated system processing where applicable
  • SLA-based escalations/notifications to teams, supervisors, and external users
  • Technical support for the users to execute UAT scenarios
The Solution
The Benefit

Scalable, efficient Licensing platform to handle the complexity

Virtusa helped to:

  • Improve the re-usable functionality over 60%
  • Integrate third party-apps and internal systems
  • Standardize business workflows across all professions, and simplify communication templates and forms
  • Reduce onboarding for new profession types
  • Connect the Licensing and enforcement divisions into one harmonious system
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