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Health services organization saves USD 35 million by establishing a robotics center of excellence

Healthcare professionals are a stressed lot, owing to the constant pressure they’re under. Healthcare companies across geographies invest heavily in robotic solutions to alleviate some of this pressure. However, without a proper strategy, most of these implementations fail to return the desired value. Our client, a leading American health services organization, was keen on establishing a robotics center of excellence (COE) to centralize the fragmented automation efforts spread across the organization. Virtusa worked closely with the client to build a robotics COE model that helped institutionalize their RPA program.



The Challenge

The central development team was unable to handle the numerous requests for deploying automation solutions coming from various stakeholders within the organization. This led to a massive pile-up of automation requests and was becoming impossible to deal with.

The client wanted to identify the right automation opportunities and rank them as per priority to maximize ROI. With proper assessment of opportunities, they not only aimed to improve the automation process but also eliminate redundant tasks and fix loopholes. Furthermore, they were keen on developing a platform to serve automation to all users/machines from a centralized and governed location.

The Solution

Virtusa partnered with the client to establish a structured robotics COE model that could scale up to accommodate rising demand.

Through the COE, a proper intake process for all automation opportunities was set up. It enabled prioritization of opportunities based on their calculated value, viability, and ROI. It also helped establish a scaled agile delivery methodology to guarantee successful delivery by identifying problem areas and optimizing processes.The COE ensured quick learning and faster turnaround time for the development team with the help of knowledge artifacts that were created and uploaded on to Confluence. It also reduced the backlog of the development team and ensured seamless delivery. The development team could create and serve reusable FW that saved development time/cost for similar opportunities.Key solution areas:

  • Building a knowledge library, including process documents, best practices, and retro
  • Developing a server and a robot manager to host robotics solutions.
  • Institutionalizing usage of Rally across the lifecycle
  • Creating delivery/testing checklists and documented best practices
The Solution
The Benefit
  • Prioritized the right automation opportunity for better ROI
  • Delivered 30+ automation (RPA/RDA) opportunities on time, offering savings of 30-35M USD
  • Optimized end-to-end robotics process automation by 20-30% by eliminating long, redundant steps
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