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Major European telecom company achieves ~€10M Opex savings with intelligent network planning platform


Research from the FTTH Council Europe has revealed that the total number of homes passed with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and fibre-to-the-business (FTTB) in the EU39 countries reached nearly 182.6 million in September 2020, up just over 10 million over the past year.

The pandemic has prompted rising demand for faster fibre rollout and its adoption across the European Union (EU). As government-aided national programs, subsidies, and policy frameworks increasingly push for fibre expansion, the functional division of Europe’s leading telecom company wanted to tap into this opportunity to accelerate its fibre rollout.

The client partnered with Virtusa to implement an intelligent network planning platform backed by business process automation that reduced the cycle time of planning by 20% and achieved~ €10M Opex savings.

The Challenge

The client has set a robust roadmap to bolster fibre rollout by 5X to 15 million premises by 2025. To achieve this milestone, the client wanted a partner to help identify innovation opportunities and improve the time-to-market to meet business KPIs more effectively.

However, the existing 20+ manual systems took between 30 minutes and four hours to generate an engineer job pack and delayed operations. In total, 22,000 job packs got generated weekly, taking up a total of 44,000 hours. In addition, any given provisioning activity for a new site took approximately 90 to 180 days, with significant effort spent in manual planning activities. As a result, it became critical for the organization to reduce operational costs and manage cost per premise for more lucrative outcomes.

The Solution

Virtusa carried out a detailed analysis using process mining across 65 processes and 240 tasks to identify areas for automation across DI/DQ, develop address association, create mobile planning tracking, apply wayleaves, expedite commissioning, and enable capacity checks. Based on the results, Virtusa deployed a strategy to ensure faster rollout, quicker turnaround time, and improved user experience while meeting business objectives.

We delivered a fully automated tool for network planners that decreased the dependency on manual activities and significantly reduced processing time from 50 minutes to one minute per job pack.

The platform automatically picked up tasks from the work allocation system and performed multiple tasks simultaneously to build job packs rapidly. In addition, we implemented automation across ten processes that significantly reduced the cycle time of planning and manual effort.

 intelligent network planning platform
The Benefit

By automating a once-fully-manual process, the client experienced:

  • ~ €10M Opex Savings
  • 95% improvement in ‘right the first time’ score
  • 20% improvement in the cycle time of planning


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