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Employee engagement platform for global media and entertainment leader

Our client, a global leader in media and entertainment with businesses in television networks,film, and TV entertainment, faced many internal hurdles that led to poor employee experience with no timely access to information on the clients' products.

To address these challenges, the client decided to partner with Virtusa to build an employee engagement platform and improve their workforce collaboration.



The Challenge

The key business challenges faced by the client include

  • Provide their 50,000 employees with timely access to information on the corporation's products and avoid the loss of a long-time customer or an unhappy, frustrated employee
  • Replace an old legacy employee portal that no longer provided a modern experience
  • Improve upon the lack of relevant content, inability to collaborate across corporate divisions, and difficulty of sharing important information
  • Increase the speed of employee communications across the organization and avoid communication on outside networks such as Facebook
The Solution

Virtusa started off with a phased engagement plan delivering the solution leveraging Adobe's Experience Manager Communities platform. The key highlights include

  • Define a digital journey for employee engagement
  • Design a rich, media-centric experience aligned to key audience segments and channels
  • Develop business-driven employee engagement programs powered by the digital experience platform
  • Using Adobe's Experience Manager Communities platform to put information back at employees' fingertips
  • Integration and upgrade of their current Omniture Analytics services
The Solution
The Benefit

The key benefits include

  • Custom page templates and reusable components to give the client's authors a strong palette to create rich content
  • Robust AEM authoring foundation allowed creation of rich content faster and with more options than the client's legacy system
  • New, responsive UX allowed users to browse through large amounts of content without getting lost, no matter what device they use
  • Faster performance due to content asset versions specifically for multiple devices
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