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Transforming Healthcare & Data Analytics to Synergize with Human Intuition

Partnering with leading healthcare software and data analytics company in its journey to empower decision makers to arrive at optimal decisions with speed, agility, and confidence



The Challenge

Vast amounts of data, presented in counter-intuitive schema impeded quick and efficient decisions

Our client, a leading healthcare software and data analytics company engaged Virtusa to help modernize a highly successful legacy application. The client's product development teams had a vision for the new product's potential and working closely with the Virtusa team through key stakeholder and data analyst interviews led by the Virtusa Accelerated Solution Design methodology, insights were captured and turned into actionable development activities in an Agile process.The outcome demonstrated a speed-to-market solution providing rich visualizations via data easily consumed as supporting evidence for making clinical and business decisions. Large Employers Groups had enjoyed the data reliability of the legacy Healthcare Analytics Application but now desired easy to use data visualizations and faster access to insights. New features for the modernized application included:

  • Highly intuitive data presentations
  • Rich visualizations in a responsive system across very large volumes of data
  • Retention of data reliability while adding the ability to summarize and drill down into unique data sets
  • Apply business rules at multiple levels across the customer base including at a large association level, across all employer groups, and at the individual employer level
The Solution

Outcome-focused, rich data visualizations with summary and drill-down features

Virtusa's Digital Engineering heritage and a strong focus on leading edge Visualization technologies and Data Architectures made the team a natural fit for understanding the next generation product needs and how to make those requirements happen.

  • In-depth interviews were held with subject matter experts and data analysts to ensure data presentations were outcome focused.
  • Rich visualizations came to life through a best in class reporting tool
  • Large amounts of data were processed and consumed by end users through enhancing the product architecture
  • Multiple employer groups within a large Healthcare Association were able to apply business rules across all member groups and at individual levels while ensuring the required security access
The Solution
The Benefit

Retention of existing customers and support for new sales and on-boarding

  • Commercialization of a new product to address the market need in healthcare employer group reporting
  • Retention of existing customers and support for new sales and on-boarding
  • New, easy to use, intuitive clinical and business dashboards
  • Significant data layer enhancements including availability at multiple levels of an organization
  • Specific dashboard sets supporting multiple market segments
  • End-user features focused on ease of use navigation, drill-down and filters
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