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Design, Implementation, and Management of the SharePoint and FIM Platforms for One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Strategic infrastructure consulting, transformation and operations management partnership with the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, spanning 15+ years, to reduce TCO of technology consumption, annual OpEx, and server support costs.



The Challenge

A fragmented IT landscape spread over 30+ SharePoint farms, 450+ servers, 75000+ user accounts, 125+ web applications, 15000+ collection sites, 27+TB of data, 5 countries and 1050+ content databases.

The largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world was facing a high annual infrastructure operational expenditure (OpEx) and high TCO of technology consumption, our client was looking for a scalable/elastic platforms that could handle significant spikes in traffic.

Virtusa went beyond commoditized service delivery and established ourselves as infrastructure operations and transformation experts.

The IT landscape, given over to Virtusa for end-to-end support and management, involved:-

  • Identity & access management for 100,000+ users and 200,000+ groups across 21 countries
  • 30+ SharePoint farms
  • 450+ servers
  • 75000+ user accounts
  • 125+ web applications
  • 15000+ site collections
  • 27+TB of data
  • Infrastructure spread across 5 countries
  • 1050+ content databases
The Solution

End-to-end infrastructure hosting and management through a managed services model

Virtusa developed provisioning system for the private cloud that was faster by a factor of 20X. This was followed by data virtualization and reporting automation for all mobile devices. Virtusa also hosted and managed regulated, complex, business applications on its KORE platform. We enabled remote access solutions and partner federation services that served monthly workloads of 4 million transactions.

The Solution
The Benefit

Infrastructure management transformed leveraging unified, cloud-hosted solutions and automation

  • The self-funded transformation of software asset management led to 25% reduction in annual OpEx
  • Automation reduced server support costs by 44%
  • Retirement and reclamation of resources as part of infrastructure management resulted in 11% reduction in TCO of technology consumption
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