success story

Delighting customers with a state-of-the-art portal

Our client is a global airline that serves all six continents that connect 150 destinations on the map every day. Its one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with a fleet of the latest generation aircraft.



The Challenge

Customers are often savvier than what businesses offer them. Our client, a leading airline in the world, wanted to tap into the growing influence of technology and leverage digital tools to deliver an omni-channel experience in a multi-channel world. By doing so, it also wanted to:

  • Provide consistent UI across interfaces
  • Ensure accurate content management and publication
  • Enable seamless reporting and tracking for audit and security
The Solution

Virtusa’s digital expertise along with experience in serving leading airlines helped deliver a unique industry solution that:

  • Automated content approval processes ensuring content governance

  • Made content capture easy by developing templates

  • Enabled multi-browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) support for the website

  • Had multi-lingual built into it (13 languages)

The Solution
The Benefit

The solution drastically improved customer approval of the airline's service. Specifically,

  • Improved user experience and increased usage of self-service channels
  • Provided tight integration with traditional applications like IBE and Web check-in
  • Ensured that content publishing errors get reduced by 75 percent
  • Increased scalability of portal contents  for future expansion
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