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Creating a Dynamic Marketplace for Healthcare Services

Working with Cardinal Health's innovation lab called Fuse to connect technology with healthcare to build the future of health and wellness.



The challenge

CardinalHealth is one of the largest healthcare supply chains in North America making critical moves necessary to compete and create value in today's dynamic healthcare environment.

With access to an enormous number of healthcare providers, they are primed for supporting an innovative healthcare marketplace.

Today, healthcare providers are facing increased competition in the wake of sweeping health reforms. Their ability to connect with the right type of patients at the right time is often limited. At the same time, most patients lack the needed information and bargaining power to make smart healthcare decisions around the cost and quality of care. Cardinal Health wanted to build a healthcare marketplace solution that would address the needs of the healthcare providers and the patients.

With the convergence of powerful mobile technology and convenience apps such as Priceline, Uber and Open Table, consumers often expect immediate and targeted results when shopping for products and services. CardinalHealth's innovation group, Fuse conceived of a healthcare commerce ecosystem driven by convenience, rating and price. The challenge was to understand how consumers would react to a Priceline-like approach to finding healthcare services. The solution would have to be innovative and compelling for both consumers and providers.

The solution

Working closely with the Cardinal Health Fuse team, we created a mobile marketplace that enabled providers to react to healthcare consumer's desire for immediate service.

Together, we developed an intelligent ranking system that shows healthcare consumers open appointments on provider's schedules by their rating, the distance from the user and by price. The consumer is able to immediately choose and book an appointment with the provider that most matches their needs.

The marketplace is called CardinalHealth Sense. Sense for the consumer is an intelligent ranking engine for healthcare services, an appointment tracker with regular reminders, an automatic appointment check-in service based on proximity to the provider's office and a social engagement platform.

Sense for the provider is a robust, web-based scheduling platform and a notification-based appointment tracker. Once the consumer requests an appointment the provider can send reminders, check-in, check out and bill the consumer. Using a Priceline-like concept called Elapsing Discounts, providers can fill empty appointment slots at discounted prices that would otherwise go unused and unbilled.

The solution
The result

Sense is currently being rolled out in Ohio with planned national program launching later this year.

Providers have seen an immediate increase in new patients booking appointments from their phones using CardinalHealth Sense. They love the ability to track the appointments from the time of booking through billing.

Consumers love the ability book their healthcare services from their mobile phone at anytime and anywhere. The ratings give them insight into other users experiences. The mobile appointment reminders, proximity check-in and social integration transform healthcare into a desirable experience.

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