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Connected wearable medical devices increase patient health outcomes and speed up response times

Virtusa streamlined and modernized critical care operations applications leveraging Pega

It won’t be long before ‘medical alert systems’ become essential to every senior citizen’s life. According to Forbes, almost every US home with seniors or a chronic patient already has these systems. By 2040, in the US alone, more than 80 million seniors will need Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to ensure their safety.

In this life-saving business where response speed matters to lives, a large North American medical alert service with more than 6 million customers endured slow progress and high costs when modernizing the response center platform. These challenges are the result of outdated legacy systems and processes.

Virtusa partnered with the service provider to upgrade and modernize their existing platforms to improve the response time and speed, which matters most for this industry. We helped the company by re-platforming the application on Pega and simplifying the user experience, which reduced the training cost by 60%.

Here’s a quick look at how Virtusa helped the company and its customers.

The Challenge

Unable to provide superior quality of care to the subscribers due to outdated technology and processes.

The heart of the company’s medical alert service is its response center, which manages incoming calls from customers who are in distress and are trying to reach the response center through the alert button on a mobile app or wearable devices. 

Response center agents take these calls and contact local first responders, revealing the client’s name, address, and the nature of the emergency. Thus, it’s a 24x7x365 life-critical operation where every delay creates potentially life-threatening impacts. 

To stay competitive, the company needed to upgrade its response center technology, posing multiple challenges, including:

  • Unified Response Center platform with quick and easy access to the subscriber’s information, including personal information, location, and health condition.
  • Lack of one global platform which will enable growth and scale of business operations.
  • Legacy systems hinder the consolidation of processes and data. 
  • Modernization efforts falling short of Schedule and cost.
Virtusa built a highly scalable, modern, unified care platform

New centralized alert monitoring call center application built with Pega CPM and care management framework.

Virtusa and Pegasystems collaborated on a comprehensive analysis of the company’s IT systems, business processes, and marketplace challenges. 

With this robust understanding in place, Virtusa proposed a solution with these core components: 

  • An emergency-response system, front-end based on Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC), Customer Process Manager (CPM), and PegaCALL (CTI). 
  • A composite call management screening process, enabling easy and rapid views of critical information. 
  • The design and implementation of high-availability architecture, including integrated data structures for the core subscriber, device, and location information. 
  • A unified case structure for capturing calls and situations.
Connected wearable medical devices increase patient health outcomes and speed up response times
The Benefit

The medical alert service has the modern technology tools it needs to come through for its clients in a crisis. Better workflows streamline response center operations and slash training costs, and a unified management screen allows standard processes in multiple regions worldwide.  

Advantages include:

For Users

  • 24X7X365 On-Call Support with agents near the user
  • A personalized triaging service based on the situation at hand
  • Coordination with neighbors and care givers to keep them informed and involved

For Company

  • Call Center Improvements
    • Enhanced information leading to improved call center operations
    • Workflow-based UI leading to better emergency handling time
    • Reduced Call center training costs by more than 60%
  • Greater Business Agility
    • One Global platform to maintain, which is then localized to suit the requirements of each country
    • High availability architecture, platform flexibility, scalability, and localization
  • Real-time oversight
    • The system combines real-time visibility, process control, and data analysis, ensuring fast service for customers and deep business insight for company leaders.
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