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Virtusa participates in cloud center of excellence for leading American health services organization

The global healthcare cloud computing market is expected to hit $35 billion by 2022, with an annualized growth rate of 11.6%. More and more healthcare companies are ditching their siloed legacy platforms in favor of the cloud for its obvious advantages of scalability, flexibility, and agility. Our client, a leading American health services organization, developed a Center of Excellence (COE) to ensure that the transition to cloud was seamless and smooth. Virtusa, a key participant, contributed to the COE in its role as an advisory and guided the client along each step of the cloud journey right from creating the architecture blueprint to building data marts.



The Challenge

The siloed legacy platforms that the client used restricted flexibility and scalability, making them increasingly infeasible to work with.

Not only did aging on-premise systems demanded constant re-provisioning of infrastructure driving up costs, but it also lacked an optimal data warehouse. Deprived of an agile environment, the client was unable to attain process efficiencies and lost out on revenue opportunities. Moreover, with escalating licensing costs and pressure to optimize technology, migration to the cloud seemed the inevitable next step.

The Solution

In a bid to transition to the cloud and undergo digital transformation, the client set up a Cloud COE, and Virtusa was chosen to be an active participant of the advisory body.

With deep domain experience and engineering heritage, we continuously engage with the client and offer valuable recommendations on the best-fit cloud, database and architecture. We develop PoCs that serve as a blueprint for the development team, and hand-hold the client through the implementation process, ensuring that they stick to the best practices. In addition, we maintain a Git repository that encourages development teams to reuse architecture/code rather than reinvent the wheel.

A prime example of Virtusa's  participation in the COE was helping the client leverage the cloud to make data easily accessible across the organization. This meant implementing a HIPPA compliant data mart comprised of provider directory and patient information along with a cloud-based search engine. Keeping this in mind, the COE recommended that AWS, with its numerous data services such as Redshift Spectrum, Athena, Quick Sight, and Glue, was the best fit cloud platform for Cigna Some of the key features and benefits of these services are highlighted below:

  • Amazon Redshift Spectrum, a feature of Amazon Redshift, enables users to run queries against exabytes of unstructured data in Amazon S3, with no loading or ETL required, thereby saving costs. It separates storage and compute so that each function can be scaled independently.
  • Amazon Athena, ideal for quick ad-hoc querying, is an interactive query service that analyzes data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Due to its server less nature, infrastructure costs are minimal and users pay only for the queries they run.
  • Amazon Quick Sight lets users import/access data from diverse sources, analyze it through graphical charts, and publish data dashboards for easy reporting.
  • AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics
The Solution
The Benefit

Equipped with a central repository of data, the client experienced improved visibility and attained better insights for decision making.

By unlocking of the power of the cloud, the client attained newer peaks of productivity, user experience, and innovation. The client no longer relied on outdated hardware and witnessed a significant reduction in costs. By implementing through a well-architected framework and ensuring a DecSecOps strategy, security concerns associated with on-premise infrastructure were a thing of the past. With better access to data, the client could quickly glean meaningful business insights leading to increased revenue margins and enhanced productivity.

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