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A white glove Care Management Platform for rare and orphan diseases

Introducing the White Glove Care Management Platform: a game-changer for rare and orphan diseases. Unlike traditional pharma, our client handles holistic patient care for these conditions, necessitating a comprehensive solution. Developed with Pega, Virtusa's platform ensures no missed calls, instant patient history access, medication alerts, and payment guidance, ultimately improving care, adherence, and cost savings for all stakeholders.

The Challenge

Our customer is in the business of developing therapies for rare and orphan diseases. In many cases the patients of these diseases are children.

Unlike traditional pharma companies, our client is responsible for the overall care of the patient either interfacing with the patient or the patient’s guardian. The goal was to develop a platform to manage therapy, ongoing patient engagement processes, and even payment plans.

The Solution

The Care Management Platform was developed with Pega to manage each case or call. Here are a few highlights of how Virtusa’s solution helped the client resolve their challenges:   

  • The case management paradigm ensured that no call was missed, and delays were escalated internally.  
  • The full patient history was easily accessible at the time of service.  
  • Automatic workflows were triggered if the medications were running low.  
  • Payment guidance was issued if there were any difficulties meeting payment schedules.
A white glove Care Management Platform for rare and orphan diseases
The Benefit

The solution presents a range of advantages, which are detailed below: 

  • Improved care for rare and orphan disease patients.  
  • Ensuring white glove service to this patient population.  
  • Improved adherence to both short-term and long-term therapies.  
  • Significant long-term cost savings for payers and providers related to rare disease management.  
  • Improved efficiencies enabling rapid deployment of adherence solutions enabling patient care.  
  • Reduced financial burden on the patients. 
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