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A leading business decisioning data and analytics provider successfully migrates to Google Cloud

Improved application performance, streamlined infrastructure provisioning, and upgraded systems

The client is a global firm that provides sales acceleration solutions leveraging data and analytics. They wanted to transition its globally known sales accelerator platform from the data center to the cloud by migrating its existing applications to Google Cloud. Virtusa implemented a 4-step approach for the migration, including – discovery, planning, execution, and optimization.

The Challenge

The client faced challenges in managing the data center application infrastructure regarding scalability, stability, and manageability. The other issues include application performance, infrastructure provisioning complexity, manual deployments, and longer DR provisioning timelines.

The Solution

Virtusa implemented a 4-step approach in migrating the application to Google Cloud. These steps include:


A detailed assessment of assets and resources, including configurations and classifications of the existing data center footprint, is conducted. The application deployment methods and CI/CD pipelines are validated, and a comprehensive data center inventory footprint is prepared. Furthermore, a foundation review is performed to finalize the re-indexing strategy and identify any exceptions to the overall migration strategy.


Design details for naming, labeling, network tags, ports, service accounts, groups, users, and DNS are made. Terraform modules are developed for infrastructure provisioning in Google Cloud, integrating CHEF DevOps automation and PowerShell scripts. A target state architecture diagram is prepared, and a solution approach with a migration roadmap and strategy is developed for database migration. Finally, a CI/CD framework is developed for application blue-green deployment, and a strategy for automated DR environment setup is designed.


Infrastructure provisioning for Dev, Stage, and Prod environment is done through Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The application stack is installed, integrated, and configured using CHEF automation deployed using CI/CD. Database migrations from the data center for MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch are executed with data, and application functionality is validated.


Machine types and disks are resized to save cost or improve performance. Terraform is leveraged for agility and predictability of infrastructure deployments and enhanced integration with logging, monitoring, and alerting tools. A persistent disk snapshot approach is introduced to expedite the MSSQL and PGSQL database recovery process during disaster recovery. ElasticSearch GCS plugins are utilized for automated backup and recovery. CHEF and PowerShell automation are employed for application configuration to minimize manual intervention and errors.

The Benefit
  • Automated Google Cloud infrastructure provisioning and deployment, leading to reduced time required for new infrastructure
  • 50% reduction in disaster recovery environment setup 
  • Improved application performance and user experience 
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance cost
  • Improved and streamlined blue-green deployment solution
  • Improved availability metrics for the application
A leading business decisioning data and analytics provider successfully migrates to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Google Cloud

End-to-end transformational change

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