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Application modernization improves customer experience and store operations

For a leading international home décor retailer

Our client is a global home décor store with a wide array of high-end home furnishings, furniture, and accessories—their merchandising approach of arranging items as examples that appear natural in a residential setting gained popularity. Today, the client operates in over 100 locations across the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world. 

The Challenge

The back-of-house operations of the client store were heavily dependent on legacy systems. The retail chain's back-of-house applications depended on hardware and legacy terminal access. This caused mobility issues and operational inefficiencies for the back-of-house functions essential to store operations and sales, including:

  • SKU adjustments
  • Customer order fulfillment
  • SKU browsing
  • Store ordering
  • Store receiving
  • Transaction inquiries
  • Store transfers 
The Solution

The client needed to modernize its applications to improve operations, keep up with technological advancements across the retail industry, and enhance the overall customer experience.

 Virtusa created a custom application modernization plan to:

  • Develop a single code-based, responsive, and efficient web application for store operations that can be used across iPods, iPads, and desktop computers

  • Modernize the existing AS/400 applications to:
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • React JS
    • Responsive UI
    • Node JS
    • Software AG Webmethods
    • GoLang Webservice
    • IBM AS400 Http Webservices


Application Modernization Solutions
The Benefit

In addition to  effective consultant onboarding, integration, cross-skilling, and knowledge across teams and applications, Virtusa's legacy modernization helped the client realize the following benefits:

Increased customer interaction

Quicker way to check inventory and commit item availability to customers

Reduced manual processes and improved efficiency

Reduced store receiving time by fifty percent

Highly efficient solution

Allows users to navigate and train new users effortlessly

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