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APA partners with Virtusa to experiment with Amazon Neptune Graph Database

intending to advance business insights

The Amazon Neptune Graph Database implementation was for a healthcare company that helped in the experimentation with data insights. The American Psychological Association (APA) sought to understand the implementation of a knowledge graph to explore entity relations and connect complex datasets. The APA desired to preserve and traverse the complex relationships between entities in the chosen dataset. It also wanted to search the data and the related entities and derive insights.

The Challenge

The APA aimed to upgrade their analytics performance with the Amazon Neptune Graph Database and apply a diversified set of technologies to improve commercial operations. They needed a more flexible model to keep up with the growing demand for schema changes and better manage various data relationships.

The APA partnered with Virtusa to improve its analytics ecosystem by helping business analysts decrease the time and complexity required to acquire connected data across multiple domains. The idea was to implement graph databases to allow the APA to gain powerful insights from connected datasets and to improve cross-dimensional analysis.

The Solution

Virtusa used several AWS services to experiment with APA’s sample relational data in an Amazon Neptune Graph Database. During this engagement, our team of engineers:

  • Created an Amazon VPC with an AWS Internet Gateway that manages an Amazon Neptune cluster with the use of a reader and writer instance
  • Created and configured an Amazon SageMaker Notebook to access the Amazon Neptune DB 
  • Built an Amazon S3 bucket for storing the vertex and edge files that are loaded into Amazon Neptune by AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • Formed a PostgreSQL DB in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) that is loaded with the sample data shared by the client using PgAdmin
  • Implemented a Replication Instance in the AWS DMS console that is configured with the same Amazon VPC
  • Administered two Endpoints in AWS DMS (Source and Target Endpoints) to get data from Amazon RDS and post it into Amazon Neptune
  • Instituted a Database migration task and configured it with the replication instance and endpoints from previous steps
  • Uploaded a mapping file in JSON format to map tables in Amazon RDS to vertex and edges in Amazon Neptune
  • Mapped relational table rows to vertices within the property graph model
APA partners with Virtusa to experiment with Amazon Neptune Graph Database solution

AWS Services Used:

  • Amazon Neptune
  • Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL)
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SageMaker Notebooks
  • Amazon VPC
  • AWS Internet Gateway


The Benefit

The APA gained experience using Amazon Neptune’s sophisticated graph database engine. The solution actualized a sample data set with several relationships between datasets, allowing the APA to query the graphs and gain insights. 

Benefits included:

  • The demonstrations of the capability to search and visualize the information 
  • Performing optimized searches by using graph query languages like Gremlin 
  • Achieving a greater understanding of behavioral relationships 
  • Enhancing data analysis that helps analysts quickly answer complex questions concerning business operations.
Learn how Virtusa used several AWS services to experiment with APA’s sample relational data

in the Amazon Neptune Graph Database

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