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Intelligent, IoT-based workplace platform hosted on AWS enhances worker safety during the Covid-19 pandemic

Ensuring safety for employees during the Covid-19 pandemic was non-negotiable for enterprises. Given the scenario, the Modjoul Health Platform was built to enhance workplace safety and ensure Covid-19 protocols are followed without any misses. The solution has been implemented successfully and has been leading to fantastic results.

The Challenge

Every company has had to adjust to the new normal brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. Companies that cannot work from home must screen employees to ensure they maintain a healthy working environment. Since the outbreak began, most employers have struggled to conduct this screening due to various limitations efficiently. The client also faced challenges with:

  • Lack of technology solutions to initiate and establish safety processes conveniently
  • Lack of resources to promote social distancing and the inability to carry out contact tracing in the event of a spread of the illness within the company


The Solution

Modjoul Health is designed to automate the employee screening process, helping companies stay productive as they safely welcome their employees back to the workplace.

The IoT platform provides organizations the flexibility to adapt to any critical conditions. Features include:

  • Survey questionnaires and temperature checks for employees to submit their readiness status with the employer before heading to work

  • Each organization can customize questionnaires according to their liking or use the standard guidelines provided by WHO/CDC

  • Based on the readiness score, the employer will decide whether or not to let any employees travel to work

  • Contact Tracing and Social Distancing (CTSD) - This enables employers to evaluate and trace employees who have close contact with the help of the mobile application via Received Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI)


Modjoul Health Platform
The Benefit

The AWS-enabled platform provides organizations with the tools they need to maintain employee health and safety. The platform provides the client with health check-ups and monitoring capabilities via symptom forms. Post-implementation, the client achieved the following:

  • Easy to use, employees can screen themselves in less than 3 seconds
  • Accessible from anywhere, built for remote access to reduce contact 
  • Immediate notifications for potentially sick individuals
  • Web-based dashboard for deeper analytics and response tracking 
  • Automated data exports for daily screening responses sent directly to you via email
  • The ability to trace employees via CTSD who are in close contact and store the data to evaluate for traceback requirements 
  • Generating reports based on who’s a suspect/infected and tracing the first/second level contact within the last 14 days (the system holds data for up to 60 days)


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